How to use your Face Roller

Use your face roller with care & light pressure on your face & neck. Always rolling outwards.

  1. Forehead: With the large end of the roller, start at the middle of your forehead, rolling up and outwards.
  2. Eyes: Using the small end of the roller, start at the inner corners of both under-eyes and lids, rolling softly outwards.
  3. Cheeks: Using the large end roll outwards.
  4. Jawline: With the large end of the roller, start at the chin, rolling up and out towards the cheeks.
  5. Neck: Using the large end of the roller move from your chin down to your neck through to your collarbone.


  • Roll over clean skin
  • Use daily for 3-5 minutes
  • Prior to use store your face roller in the fridge for 30 minutes
  • Recommended to use with The Eye Mask or Vitamin C Serum
  • Due to the natural nature of this stone, no two pieces are the same; which means they will slightly vary in colour and small unique imperfections in the stone