What is a crystal facial roller?

A skincare beauty tool made from natural crystal or stone, originating in China centuries ago & is considered to be an ancient beauty skin care ritual.

What skin type?

Suitable for all skin types.

How to use?

Use your face roller with care & light pressure on your face & neck.

  1. Forehead: With the large end of the roller, start at the middle of your forehead, rolling upwards.
  2. Eyes: Using the small end of the roller, start at the inner corners of both under-eyes and lids, rolling softly outwards.
  3. Cheeks & Jawline: With the large end of the roller, start at the chin, rolling up & out towards the cheeks.
  4. Neck: Using the large end of the roller move from your chin down to your neck through to your collarbone.

Care and clean:

This beauty tool is a fragile product & you must handle with care.

After every use wipe your face roller with a clean damp cloth or a soft towel to avoid a build up of products.

For a deep clean of your face roller, use a gentle soap or a cleanser to wash away product build up & kill bacteria 

To dry your face roller leave on a cloth or soft towel to air dry.

  • Do not soak in hot water
  • Do not put in the freezer
  • Do not expose to any cleaning agents or chemicals

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